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Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Companies in India

Most popular Affiliate marketing Companies in India

Currently, affiliate marketing is one of the biggest sources to earn money online.

1. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart is one of the best Affiliate marketing companies because it offers various services such as better product categories, competitive payment, on-time payment, and accurate tracking of the order.

Flipkart Affiliate program uses the following Affiliate Tools -

  • Promotional Banners & Widgets
  • Search Tools
  • A set of APIs to access Flipkart's products.
  • Search tools
  • Affiliate Bookmarklet Widget

2. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate program was launched in 2013. The aim of this program is to maximize the profits for the affiliates. Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies, so it provides high commission rates, high conversion rates, and average order value to its customers. It offers average commission 0.3%-12%. The commission completely depends upon the range of products bought.

Amazon Affiliate program includes tools like -

  • SiteStripe toolbar
  • Banners
  • Product Links
  • Advertising APIs

3. eBay

eBay is the best platform for those who want to earn money quickly and easily. It helps businesses and marketers to promote their business and earn commission after a sale has been made from their links.

eBay uses the following affiliate marketing tools -

  • Ad Groups
  • APIs
  • Smart Links
  • Smart Sales
  • Promotions and sales
  • Link generators
  • banners

4. GoDaddy Affiliate

GoDaddy is one of the best India specific affiliate programs. It helps Affiliate marketers to earn money by sending customers to their website and earning cash on every single sale made through affiliate's ads. It offers various supportive marketing tools to grow our business online. The advantage of GoDaddy is that it is free to join and provides 24*7 supports to the customers.

5. MakeMyTrip Affiliate

It is one of the most popular affiliate programs for the travel industry. It offers various effective and efficient services to its customers. It helps customers to get their booking online and quickly through the MakeMyTrip web portal. Using the MakeMyTrip portal, we can book online tickets for the trains, airlines, and top-rated hotels in relevant price.

MakeMyTrip includes the following affiliate tools to grow the business-

  • Wordpress plugins
  • Cuelinks tool
  • Banners
  • Ticket booking tools

6. DGM India

DGM is one of the leading digital ad network and affiliate marketing companies which allow affiliates to earn money by promoting the products and services on the website. DGM is available for free to join. It is a highly scalable and reliable product delivery platform for both affiliates and customers.

How DGM works?

  • First, join DGM India as a publisher
  • Choose a campaign
  • Start earning money

7. HostGator Affiliate