Learn Email Marketing

Steps to follow strategy

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy:

  •        Set email marketing goals
  •        Pick the necessary email marketing tools
  •        Determine the target audience
  •        Identify the appropriate list building tactics
  •        Divide your mailing list into segments
  •        Identify the types of emails to send
  •        Create a schedule for sending emails
  •        Format the email content
  •       Optimize your emails
  •        Conduct split-testing
  •        Monitor email performance reports

We will now look at the essential steps that marketers should follow to develop excellent marketing strategies.

Step-1: Set email marketing goals

Marketing emails serve to fulfil the following purposes:

  • increase customer engagement
  • raise loyalty
  • maximize ROI
  • maintain relationships with your clients

Marketers thus need to create emails that are in line with any of these or other desired goals.

Step-2: Pick the necessary email marketing tools

Finding the right tools is the first step to setting up an email marketing strategy. A marketer needs an Email Service Provider (ESP)with an automation tool, among other useful features.

Cfamily Computers allows you to create, organize, and send emails in a breeze. With Automation 360, marketers can follow up on their customers and send the right emails at the right time. For instance, you can set up welcome emails for onboarding new customers, abandoned cart emails to get customers to take action about the items they have left in the cart, and so forth. Register right now to launch your email marketing strategy with Cfamily.

Step-3: Determine the target audience

Next, the marketer needs to build their email subscriber list. To do this, you have to identify the target audience your company serves. Case in point, if a specific business deals with baby clothes, then its target audience primarily comprises mothers-to-be. Thus, it makes sense to use conventional means to get the email addresses of this demographic.

Step-4: Identify the appropriate list building tactics

An excellent way of building mailing lists is through subscriptions. With Cfamily Computers , you can add subscription forms to your site and collect quality subscribers who are ready to hear from your brand. You can embed subscription forms on high-traffic sections of your website.




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To increase your online presence, create  multichannel subscription forms with Cfamily Computers . They allow users to subscribe to emails, SMS campaigns, and chatbots in Facebook Messenger and Telegram. All you need is to add the link to your chatbot.

Step-5: Divide your mailing list into segments

Segmenting is an effective tactic that allows you to send highly targeted email campaigns. With Cfamily Computers, marketers can segment their mailing lists based on location, gender, occupation, age, behavior, etc. In turn, you can be sure that you are delivering appropriate and customized messages that appeal to customers.

Step-6: Identify the types of emails to send

There’s a great variety of different emails that marketers send. The choice of email style depends on the aim of each specific campaign. For example, if a user has just joined your mailing list, send them a welcome email. This is a great chance to explain the benefits of working with you. If clients have added some items to their shopping cart and didn’t buy them, send them an abandoned cart email to increase sales. Discover more about email campaign types email marketing types.

Step-7: Create a schedule for sending emails

To ensure that subscribers read your promotional emails, find out the best time for sending emails. It is, therefore, necessary to experiment and determine the time when subscribers are most engaged. A/B Testing proves useful.

Step-8: Format the email content

For email marketing to be a success, messages in promotional emails should be presented perfectly. Marketers should choose formats, fonts, and text sizes depending on the type of emails that they are creating. With Cfamily Computers , you can use a drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful email templates that are customized to match your brand.

Step-9: Optimize your emails

A 2017 study by Adestra concluded that 83.8 percent of mobile device owners open emails with these devices. It, therefore, makes sense to optimize email content for mobile to reach this audience. Some of the ways for assuring that email content is mobile-friendly include:

  • Creating short subject lines.
  • Limiting emails to a width of 600px.
  • Using single-column templates.
  • Displaying small images.
  • Writing distinct CTAs.
  • Testing on multiple mobile devices.
  • Avoiding menu bars.
  • Using a large font size (ideally 13-14 pixels).

Step-10: Conduct split-testing

With A/B testing, marketers can determine what copy of their email works best by swapping out different aspects of their email, such as subject lines (the most popular option), images, CTAs, headlines, offers, and so forth.

Step-11: Monitor email performance reports

Adjusting your email strategy based on reports and feedback that you have gathered is the last step for developing an email marketing strategy. Cfamily Computers  provides users with a set of analytics that aids in gauging the effectiveness of email campaigns. Track email open rate, unsubscribe rate, click-through rates, email deliveries, email bounces, spam complaints and more.