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How your Business can Avoid Pitfalls on Facebook

How your Business can Avoid Pitfalls on Facebook:

Just like other marketing strategies, Facebook also has many potential pitfalls for inexperienced or unwary users. You can avoid these with a little thought:

1.    Failing to update your page

2.    Not responding to the customer

3.    Wasted time

4.    Being absent from Facebook

1. Failing to Update your Page: - If due to any issue, you are not able to update your Facebook business page frequently, then you must not have one. If you setup a page and get friends, but then you do not interact with them, then due to that you will actually decrease consumer confidence in your business. It is just like a situation where you invite your friends to a get-together at your house, and then you are fading to show yourself. Regularly post and try to show your clients that you are interested, reliable and present. If due to any reason you want to close your page then do not forget to send a message to your friends regarding the closing of your page and thank them for their previous support.

2. Not Responding to the Customers: - When you start interacting with the other Facebook users, there you have no control over their conversation. Few of your clients could use Facebook to:

  • Complain about your business
  • Comment on your business
  • Ask questions related to your product and services.

There are various things which are so important:

  • If there is any complaint, then respond it quickly whether it is to apologies, provide a solution, etc.
  • Reply to any comment in a way such as give simple thanks for the compliment of the customer, demonstrates that you are listening and polite and makes feel your customers recognized and valued.
  • Answers each users' question fast because this help to show strong pre-sales and after- sales service and builds your status as reliable and credible.

If you left the comments and questions of the customers unanswered, then they think you do not care or worry about them. If the complaints of the customers are left unanswered then it can turn into adverse advertising which can harm your brand. Always try to respond promptly so that your conversations on Facebook are managed efficiently.

3. Wasted Time: - Although Facebook is free to use, keeping your page updated takes time. If your marketing lacks attention, you can waste a huge time and see very low returns. You have to develop a strong goal to know what you wish to achieve from your page. You should also have an efficient strategy that can handle your presence on Facebook and fulfil your other demands of running your business.

4. Being Absent from Facebook: - As there are various possible hazards in using Facebook, there are also hazards in not having a Facebook page, particularly in the case if you are having a high-profile business. No matter whether your business is discussed negatively or positively on Facebook, but you have participated in each conversation. If you create your Facebook page, then it will provide you with the chance to promote your business positively.