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Types of SEM

Types of SEM:

  • Text ads
  • Google shopping ads
  • Responsive ads
  • Local services’ ads

Here’s the point where the meaning of the term “search marketing” becomes a conundrum again. Referring to SEM as a whole lot of search promoting ways, we can divide it into organic search activities (SEO), paid activities, and local search, or marketing your business locally.

Meaning SEM as paid activities only, it’s possible to talk about different types of ads used by search engines. Let’s discuss the types the most popular platform – Google Ads – offers its users. Here are some of them:

Text Ads

This type is the most popular and easiest to craft. Text ads include headlines, body copy, and links to your website. Depending on the cost of the ad and the search engine, they may appear above, to the right of, or below organic listings.

Text ad examples

Google Shopping Ads

This type of ad is based on the same principles of using keywords as the previous one. The difference is the visual part – Google shopping ads include pictures and prices. This format is perfect for selling products.

Google shopping ad examples; Source: willmarlow.com

Responsive Ads

This format boils down to letting Google automatically adapt your ads to different searchers’ behavior patterns. All you need to do is type several headlines and descriptions for your campaign; the ad platform will test all of the possible combinations and show searchers the top-performing ads.

Local Service Ads

This option was made for local businesses, such as coffee shops, plumbers, real estate agents, and so on. Local service ads allow you to advertise only in a certain area and receive leads directly from potential customers.

Local service ad example

Although we’ve only listed Google ad types, other search engines use similar formats. For instance, with Bing, you can find ads analogous to text ads and Google shopping ads.

We’ve unveiled search engine marketing benefits, essential work principles, and several types of ads. Let’s discover how to implement SEM in your marketing strategy.