Learn Apache Kafka

Start Kafka Zookeeper


ZooKeeper is used for managing and coordinating Kafka broker. ZooKeeper service is mainly used to notify producer and consumer about the presence of any new broker in the Kafka system or failure of the broker in the Kafka system. As per the notification received by the Zookeeper regarding presence or failure of the broker then producer and consumer takes decision and starts coordinating their task with some other broker.

Start Zookeeper

Start Zookeeper

Syntax: -

zookeeper-server-start zookeeper.properties


You can running this command anywhere in your system but you have provide complete path of



Windows: -

cmd>zookeeper-server-start F:\cfamily\software\streaming\kafka\config\zookeeper.properties



Linux: -

cmd>zookeeper-server-start.sh /opt/kafka/config/zookeeper.properties