Learn Linux Essentials Part 1

What is UNIX and History of UNIX

What is UNIX?

è UNIX is a operating System, Using Operating System Users/Applications communicate with Hardware.

è Operating System is a Interface between User/Applications and Hardware.

è It was developed in 1960’s

è With lot of improvements and extensions Linux was invented based on UNIX operating system.


History of UNIX:-


è Multiplexed Information Computing System.

è It was invented by GE, AT&T and MIT in 1965.

è It is a Opensource and free Operating System.



è Uniplexed Information Computing System.

è It is implemented by Ken Thompson in 1969

è It is also opensource and free operating system.



è It is written 100% in C-Language.

è Implemented by Ken Thomson and Denis Ritche(Father of C Language) in 1973.

è It is also opensource and free.


Based on UNIX opensource operating there are many free, enterprise and opensource operating systems are invented like

n  Sun Solaris – Oracle Solaris

n  IBM – AIX

n  HP-UX

n  Linux – Free and Opensource